Rollin Rachele & Mark van Tongeren present: 0…

and here as text:

Zero Point is the result of a four-year long artistic research by Mark van Tongeren into Overtone Singing and the Thresholds of Audibility, at the Academy for Creative and Performance Arts (Leiden University) and docARTES (Ghent). It exists of many hundreds of possible permutations that together build up the technique of overtone singing from the ground. The presentation this Thursday consists of a small selection of these strings of sound structures, alternated with other compositions and improvisations that have been developed in these years. Thus the musical, harmonic source material of the human body is made audible in all its glorious, shimmering and rubbing forms. This is the first, short presentation of a theatrical-ritual process that is under development, and in which other Parafonists will take part.

Direction: Horst Rickels

Performers: Rollin Rachele, Mark van Tongeren

Light: Daphne van Tongeren

˚   Plantage Dok   ˚  Plantage Doklaan 8-12  ˚  Amsterdam   ˚   Thursday 1 juli 2010   ˚   22:00    ˚   free entrance


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