Hong Kong overtone singing workshop


Hong Kong Vertical Horizon by RJL

Hong Kong Vertical Horizon by RJL

Next month, on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 September, I’ll be in Hong Kong to teach a workshop of overtone singing. We will work with themes such as breathing, resonance, vowels, sound meditation, healing potential of the voice, and of course overtone singing techniques. In other words, a fine, balanced combination of factual knowledge about vibration and sound as an energy tool and exercises and meditations to develop your senses and connect deeper with your entire being through sound.

On Day 1 we forget everyting we know about sound and voice and  make a fresh start. Surprisingly, by doing less than we normally do, we notice more – and begin to know more. We return to a primary knowledge at the centre of the body-mind. You explore the hidden dimensions of your  voice through new techniques of hearing, sounding and singing.

Mark vocalising to Hans de Back's gong playing, June 2014

Mark vocalising to Hans de Back’s gong playing, June 2014

On Day 2  we continue to connect deeper and wider with the sounding  body within. We explore more techniques to sing overtones and can begin to hear them in our own mouths. By losing control of the voice, we find new paths of sound, which also means new paths of the self – a therapeutic experience. Experiencing yourself and others as musical human beings, you encounter new possibilities, new barriers, new connections …. Like Day 1, we end with a Q& A and a guided group improvisation.

More information and prices can be found on the blog of my Hong Kong host Jasmine Hui.


Hong Kong image by Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze, who just published the photobook Vertical Horizon.


One thought on “Hong Kong overtone singing workshop

  1. martha collard says:

    just wondering if you might be coming back to HK. I met Jasmine and Hans a month ago. I play gongs and am setting up a vibrational healing studio for kundalini yoga, mantra meditation and of course gongs. I will have a studio on land and of course on my boat as well where I live in Aberdeen. I am trying to create a community of like minded souls and would love to add you to it. My colleague, Lydia , attended your course too.

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