Playdead with Horse dance company

Horse/Shu-Yi & Dancers poster

Horse/Shu-Yi & Dancers poster

驫舞劇場《裝死》+ 周先生與舞者們《看得見的城市,看不見的人》
1+1 Dance
HORSE《Playdead》+ Shu-Yi & Dancers《Visible and Invisible》

(Chinese info below)

Since autumn of 2013 Shih-Yang Lee, Yu-Long Chen and myself are working with the experimental dancers of Horse. The performance will be showing in the National Theater in Taipei beginning of May, together with another show by Shu-Yi and Dancers. There was a press event last week, and I just heard the first performance is already sold out, and there are less than 90 tickets for the second one. So don’t wait to order your tickets if you want to see something special!

May 9, 19:30 and May 10, 14:30

National Theatre, Taipei.


Find all the information here.

See a preview here.

Horse on Facebook.

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驫舞劇場 陳武康


在《裝死》中,於紐約舞台設計師Mimi Lien所闢出的活且多變的空間裡,陳武康以其獨樹一幟的編舞風格,創作出調性詼諧的人生即景。現場,由音樂家李世揚帶領的樂團,引領出一幕幕繁複的視覺聲響畫面,舞蹈的脈動自節奏而生,止於儀式的終了,人生直如一副微縮後的冷暖光影。




音樂創作/現場樂手:李世揚、陳昱榮、Mark van Tongeren
舞台設計:Mimi Lien


Upcoming events

Weekly Voice Yoga Returns to Canjune Training Centre

March 15: Underground Trip (performance)

March 29: Lacking Sound Festival (performance)

Voice workshop for spring 2014: coming up soon


This week Voice Yoga returns to Canjune’s Training Centre. Everyone is welcome to try out Voice Yoga on Thursdays between 10 and twelve. No registration necessary, but please be on time. Next week (March 20) the class will shift to the afternoon, between 14 and 16. Read the details about Voice Yoga in this blogpost.


Saturday March 15 you are invited to the performance Underground Trip with Serge Onnen, Erika Sprey (visuals), Tung Chao-Ming and myself (sounds) at Taipei Artist Village. There are two shows, at 19:30 and 21:30, please find the details in my previous blogpost.

Screen shot 2014-03-11 at 10.46.11

Saturday March 29 I am invited to perform at the Lacking Sound Festival, which is one of the more interesting on-going sound events in Taipei. Serge Onnen will join me to provide visuals, and we will explore the theme of mirrors. More details in this post.

Soon I will announce some workshops for this spring season. Come check back here or subscribe to this blog. If you prefer to receive emails write to < info  at  fusica   dot   nl> and you will receive updates every once in a while.


Lacking Sound Festival: March 29

Screen shot 2014-03-11 at 10.46.11

I am excited about this invitation for the Lacking Sound Festival, a mostly-monthly event currently held in the Digital Arts Centre in Taipei, to be precise in the Noise Kitchen. This meeting point for sound-art-buffs is a wonderful space with various ingenious instruments that can be played – reminding me more of a Museum of Musical Machines in the Netherlands than a 21st century Digital Arts site. Anyway, I have invited Serge Onnen to join me in creating something analog that sounds and feels digital  (and quite different from the Cloacinae sound-shadow-video performance we do/did the 15th of March). Both of us favor the kind of old-fashioned manual-vocal-labour forms of artistic expression, but then, we do use computers, digital recorders and the occasional effects apparatus to manipulate our creations. So here is the press-blurb:


Mark van Tongeren (sound) and Serge Onnen (image) dissect our everyday perception, enlarging our ordinary vision and audition to include the unseen and unheard. Mirrors, opposites and negatives of our everyday sense world.
Mark van Tongeren is currently fascinated by the voice as an instrument producing numbers, namely, the strict numerical ratios of overtones. When this is made audible through the technique of overtone singing, the voice almost loses its human identity: its sounds seem like pure sine waves. Digits, that is, whole numbers or whole-number ratios could be considered the DNA of our voice. In this installment of his theme The Digital & The Vocal, Mark offers an electro-acoustic performance where the distinctions between the digital and the vocal are blurred. Environmental recordings, extended vocal techniques, Jew’s harps and a Kaosspad further link the physical, everyday world with the digital, and the archaic with the hypermodern.
Artist Serge Onnen, currently holding a solo exhibition at MOCA Taipei, simultaneously provides a live visual performance. He will mainly use mirrors: echo’s of images, stretching the reflection, face reality,  double the sight and confront the audience with their image.

vantongeren x onnen


Coming-up in Taipei: Shadow-Sound-Performance

Last Friday evening was the opening of a solo exhibition of visual artist Serge Onnen at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Studio Underground, Taipei.


Cloacinae openi

Cloacinae opening at MOCA Taipei

CLOACINAE – Goddess of the Sewers offers a selection of works by Onnen from the last ten years, including animation videos, phenakistiscopes, wallpaper, and a large shadow/sound installation made for the MOCA exhibition.


On March 15 we will do a shadow/sound performance at Taipei Artist Village. For this we will use a video compiled by Serge from inspection videos of sewers around the world. Nowadays everywhere cameras are led through sewer systems and other inaccessible places to look for obstacles or solve problems. Some of these videos have a certain kind of beauty of their own, and Serge made a good selection of those. Add to that live shadow play by Onnen and Erika Sprey, and sounds by Chao-Ming Tung and myself… and you have an unexpected visual-auditory-hallucinatory tour in the underground, there where the metro does not go. (get a preview on Serge’s blog)

We do the show two times, starting at 19:30 and 21:30 (not 22:30 as stated before), duration is one hour.

Free entrance!

Please take note! The exhibition is taking place in the underground (Zhongshan Metro Mall, Near R9 exit), the performance is not. It is in Taipei Artist Village, No. 7, Beiping East Road, 10 minutes walk from Taipei Main Station.


Weekly Voice Yoga classes 2014



will be the name for what was called Voice of Dao for a little more than one year. Somehow ‘Voice of Dao’ never fully resonated. And yoga is part of our practice, more than any kind of daoist practice.

For those unfamiliar with Voice Yoga, the information about Voice of Dao posted earlier still stands. We continue to use the voice in its immense richness, not only as a musical instrument, but as our primary tool to communicate and exist through/with/for/from sound . In Voice Yoga, sound, silence and resonance become a mirror for the self. The sounds produced by ourselves,  allows us to ‘see’ ourselves more clearly, to hear what’s living deep inside us. In ever-growing cycles of creating and perceiving we learn about music and sound, about ourselves and about the environment. A ‘quintessence of science, sound and self’ as I  called it in my book Overtone Singing.

Here are the new dates until the Summer.


JANUARY 9, 16, 23, 28 (note: 28 is a tuesday)
FEBRUARY please take note! the training centre is not available this month. Weather permitting, we do our class in Da’an park. Meeting point is the park, opposite the Taipei Public Library, halfway Heping and XinYi.

FEBRUARY     (6 = holiday), 13, 20, 27

MARCH         6, 13, 27
On the 20th the class will be in the afternoon, from 14-16 ‘o clock.

APRIL         3, 10, 17, 24.

The last class of April (on the 24th) and the first class of May (1st) will be changed to another date.

MAY         1, 8, 15, 22, 29

JUNE     5, 12, 19

Place: Canjune Training Centre, 4th Floor, number 3 , Lane 151, Fuxing South Road, Section 2, (this is about 20 meters from the corner of FuXing South Road, go up the stairs to the hairdresser and take the elevator to 4F; if you’re early the streetdoor may be closed). Nearest MRT: Technology Building (10 min. walk). Telephone training centre: 02 – 27 00 72 91.


Superstringtrio: Rollin Rachele & Mark van Tongeren

4 concerts this week (NL/PL)

dear listeners,

I’d like to announce a couple of concerts in The Netherlands and in Poland in the coming week:


Monday 18 november, AMSTERDAM, Het Poortgebouw, 1st Floor, Tolhuisweg 2: Oorsprong Curator Series, start at 20 o’ clock. Free-improvisation with flutist Mark Alban Lotz and guitarist Bram Stadhouders and vocalist Mark van Tongeren, and several other exciting music/dance impro-combinations in two other sets that same night.

Thursday 21 November, AMSTERDAM, Mediamatic/Fabriek – Echokamer, 20:30, Superstringtrio (Rollin Rachele, Mark van Tongeren) and Daphne van Tongeren (light/performance).
Echokamer is a series of events during which composers, musicians and other sound-makers experiment with sound at, and with the sound of, Mediamatic Fabriek. The giant industrial hall reverberates and erodes, and produces quite a bit of sound all by itself. The perfect place for noisy experiments. Read more details about Superstringtrio’s sonic excursion next Thursday on this link:

Sunday 24 November, KRAKOW (Poland), Audio Art Festival/Bunkier Sztuki, 19 o’clock, Superstringtrio. We have been invited by Marek Choloniewski, founder of Audio Art Festival, one of the most long-standing festivals dedicated to Sound Art in all its beautiful, radical and weird manifestations, to join the ranks of many artists who have performed there in past decades. Superstringtrio will present an updated version of its performance Incognito Ergo Sum, premiered in Amsterdam earlier this year at the occasion of the PhD-defense of Mark van Tongeren’s Thresholds of the Audible- thesis at Leiden University. See a short clips of it on Vimeo: For the full program of the festival, which has already started yesterday and continues next week, check this link:
(with our thanks to Horst Rickels, who gives a workshop and concert in Krakow tomorrow with his Lesley-speakersystem, together with Robert Pravda).

In a couple of hours I am leaving Taiwan. If all goes well I might join Oorbeek tomorrow, Saturday 16 November at the opening of The New Institute in ROTTERDAM. Set 1 at 17 o’ clock, set 2 at 17:45. 6th floor, Museumpark 25, 3015 CB Rotterdam,

Hope to see you somewhere!

Best wishes,

mark van tongeren

How to survive hospitalisation?

I posted this on Facebook but thought it was worthwhile for the blog too.

I / fate decided to have an alternative birthday celebration event: a visit to the hospital! An enduring problem with a certain outgrowth of my body (I’ll spare you the details) needed treatment. So my first hospitalisation happened to take place on my 45th birthday. An extraordinary gift, of course! I took it has a holiday (about two days off duty), but it wasn’t a vacation without pain of course. Fortunately I was well taken care off by the nurses, doctor and my dear wife.

As always, I paid attention to the sounds. First in the operation room. A deadly silence it wasn’t. I heard many Chinese voices, making jokes, talking busily, one conversation in that corner of my ear (and eye) and another behind me, invisible, or even three simultaneous, animated conversations that I could hardly understand or not at all. Perhaps it’s better that way… My limited sight did not prevent me to eye a short piece of translucent tube which stuck out above the sheets and towels covering me (in the operation room it was freezing about 5 degrees I estimate). After a while parts of my body and blood were started to be washed away through the tube 10 centimeters away from my eyes, giving me some kind of indication of the goings on.

Back in my room, many hours were spent lying flat. I could not move my head unless I wanted to have a really bad headache, that special one you get from a spinal injection  – no thanks. So what do you do? You listen. In my case, most of all to myself. Particularly during the dark hours when the anaesthesia stopped working, humming to myself at different pitches helped me to give a more positive focus on painful and other parts of the body. I have been doing this for twenty-five years, in good and bad times, and it remains a very interesting, comforting and highly effective experience to massage yourself inside out. Using different vowels and harmonics you can also give yourself a pleasant brain/skull massage.

Even better were the rhythmic jazzy bass lines I am practising with my voice: moderate to high speed, low pitched, melodic staccato pulses with mouth closed; jumping from place to place through the body’s organs and awakening motoric senses that are not stimulated otherwise. Each tone of these basslines reverberates at a specific spot along the skeleton (through a process called bone conduction) so that I am really ‘punching’ my body from left to right and high to low. At the same time, this is a great exercise for an upcoming gig at the Oorsprong Curator Series in Amsterdam that I am very excited about (I’ll play with Mark Alban Lotz and Bram Stadhouders, Monday 18 November, details t.b.a.).

We did not forget about distraction number one: the TV. I rarely watch TV, and now I did not watch at all. I just overheard the films while June was watching. What you may notice already when you pay attention carefully to the sound while watching a movie, becomes all the more striking when you don’t see a thing. The abrupt reduction of the volume of the soundtrack when voices come in, and its reappearance when the voices stop – even for a short moment. The result is like a drunk DJ playing a senseless game with his faders to annoy his audience. I pity the composer who creates some of his best melodies and finds it cut up into more or less random blurps erupting out from speech – but no, most composers who earn a living with film scoring keep their most inspiring ideas for other occasions, thus accepting a much smaller audience for the stuff they put their soul into. And a good movie director will let the composer have his way to score the film after the final edits.

I almost forget to mention the majestic tree, hidden from outside view on three sides by the 5-story hospital. The walls form a narrow, echoing bulwark where hundreds, no, I think more than a thousand birds retreat for the night. At 16 o’ clock they come and sit on the edges of the roof, at 17 the gigantic tree is shaking when the birds start taking their seats with happy twittering, and by dusk the swarm produces a screeching, ehmmm, noise.

Lastly, I took to my headphones to listen to a fascinating Coursera course (History of Humankind by professor Harari from Hebrew University in Jeruzalem, highly recommended and you can still join!). For falling asleep, having to endure increasing pain and uneasiness, I listened to incredible stories that Michael Vetter told me some years ago. And that’s where the hospital-sound journey of my birthday ended: I fell asleep!

Thanks for listening!