6/20: Concert with Hans de Back

2x Hans & Mark

2x Hans & Mark

My Dutch colleague, the singing-bowl maestro Hans de Back is about to return to Taiwan.  On June 20  there will be another evening of Harmonic-Guttural-Metal Music at Hansuna’s place.


Hans de Back will be playing his singing bowls, gong, Thai temple bells and a wide range of other metal/bronze instruments. I will busy myself with glossolalia, incantations in incomprehensible languages, overtone singing, play my new 12-tone sruti box and even some metally things: Jew’s harps from the Yakut people in Sakha (Siberia) and from the Hmong in Vietnam’s northern highlands.

This mesmerising blend of instrumental and vocal sounds can be enjoyed in the intimate atmoshphere of Hans and Una’s living room in the ShiDa area. Afterwards there will be a chance to try some things out for yourself under our guidance and ask questions.

Date and time: Friday, June 20, 2014, from 19:30 till 21.

Damage: 600 NT$.
You can reserve a seat by writing an email to Miss Una Kao:
Also take note that this summer Hans will offer a new course where you learn to play singing bowls, including a 2-hour personal sound massage from Hans. Something I can highly recommend to anyone!

Cloacinae video online

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/94520237″>Cloacinae’s Trip—- Serge Onnen with Mark van Tongeren, Chiaoming Tung and Erika Sprey</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user3015862″>serge onnen</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Just uploaded on Vimeo (above) and on Youku (here): an impression of the two live performances of Serge Onnen, Erika Sprey, TUNG Chao Ming and myself. The full show lasted one hour, we performed it two times on one evening in Taipei Artist Village.

Serge Onnen compiled the sewer inspection videosequence seen in the middle screen of the clip and he designed the chinese shadowpuppets, which were hand-carved by Tian Xiang in China.  The one-hour inspection video was the starting point, to this was added live-shadowplaying by Serge with Erika Sprey.
TUNG Chaoming played the guzheng (Chinese zither), Mark van Tongeren did vocals, sruti box, live-electronics and field-recordings.

Camera by José Fernandes
Made possible with support from MOCA Taipei, Mondriaan Foundation & Taipei Artist Village.

Tung Chao-Ming with guzheng

Tung Chao-Ming with guzheng

Tuvan/Chinese throat-singing festival

I received news from Aldar Tamdyn, the good-hearted and pun-loving member of the Tuvan group Chirgilchin, who is now also the director of the Tuvan Cultural Center. There will be a combined festival of throat singing (khöömei, in Tuvan) to be held in Tuva AND in China. It is possible for participants (khoomeigie as Aldar calls them) to make the journey from Tuva to China with the Tuvan musicians, which promises to be an outstanding opportunity to immerse yourself deeply in throat singing and meet a lot of musicians from both sides of the Russian-Mongolian border.

Aldar wrote:

“Greetings Khoomeigie!
The Tuvan Cultural Center would like to personally invite you to the 2014 “Music of the Great Steppe Festival”. The festival will take place in Kyzyl, Tuva, Russia June 26-28, 2014. Participants are being invited from all over the world. We welcome your participation at our festival in the birthplace of Khoomei culture.”

Foreign throat singers and guttural artists who want to join the competition should get in touch with the organisers as soon as possible. If you have never been to Tuva and dream about once doing it, then perhaps this may be a good opportunity. Send an email to tuvancenter@gmail.com to register.

There is a chance to study in small groups with the excellent musicians
of Chirgilchin:

“We are also offering special master classes for those who choose to arrive in Tuva early. These classes will be taught by contemporary masters of the craft:

Mongun-ool Ondar, the recent recipient of “Notable Artist Of The Russian Federation” as well as many times Grand Prix winner of the International Khoomei Symposium and member of the world famous group, Chirgilchin.

Igor Koshkendey, recipient of the coveted “Throat Singer of the People of the Republic of Tuva”, a member of the Tuvan National Orchestra as well as a member of Chirgilchin.

Other teachers will include other members of the Tuvan National Orchestra, Ensemble Tuva, Alash, and Tyva Kyzy.

This is an incredible opportunity for the Khoomeigie enthusiast.
These Master classes will take place from June 19th thru the 28th.

During this meeting, we will be forming duets and trios with the students. Then we will drive to China to participate in the Throat Singing Festival for ensembles in Manchuria. “

This festival, the first festival of traditional Asian overtone singing to be held in China, takes place in the city of Manzhouli from July 5 to 9, 2014.

Manzhouli (map) is just across the Siberian border, and slightly east of the Republic of Mongolia. I guess it’s about a two-day car-journey from Tuva’s capital Kyzyl. Since it is a multinational event, permits to cross the border at Manzhouli should be included in the package or easy to obtain on the spot with the invitation of the festival.

The Tuvan Cultural Centre website offers a bit more information:
“The competition will be attended by the unique folklore groups from different parts of Russia, China and the Republic of Tuva. Organizers invite throat singers from other countries to participate in soloist competition.

To participate in the contest a competitor must complete an application and return it no later than May 1, 2014 by e -mail: tuvancenter@gmail.com”

Please also check the Tuvan Cultural Center’s website, http://tuvaculture.com. I suggest to those who are interested to write to the above email address a.s.a.p., to find out more details about participation fees, program, accommodation, visa, et cetera.

Catch a video of Chirgilchin playing for goats here on Youtube. “Chirgilchin normally plays music for people about goats. This performance is a song for goats about people.”

Thursday evening Voice Yoga class

Thursday evening Voice Yoga class

Would you like to join the Voice Yoga class, but are you busy during the morning? Then from this week on you can enjoy a refreshing Voice Yoga class every Thursday evening. Starting time is 19 PM, we finish at 21 PM. Because the Canjune staff prepares the training centre for closing after 21 PM, we will wind down and take a 10 minute rest before 21 PM (in the morning session we usually do this after the class). So you can enjoy a full two hours of energising voice work. Prices remain the same: 400 NT$ for a single class, 1500 NT$ for four classes.

For the early birds: the Thursday morning class will still take place! So there will be two classes every Thursday.

From now on, please inform me that you wish to join the class: send an email to info-at-fusica-dot-nl or a text message to 09-10-38-27-49. Include the time you wish to come (10 AM or 19 PM).

Because of International Labor Day the schedule is as follows:

Thursday morning (10-12 AM) + Thursday evening (19-21 PM)
April 24
May 8, 15, 22, 29
June 5, 12, 19

June 20 starts my Summer break, first with an aroma tour I organised for Canjune in the wonderful island of Corsica, where we will immerse ourselves in the smells and sounds of this exquisite small island in the Mediterranean.

Voice Yoga classes will start again some time in the second half of August.

More details about Voice Yoga can be found here.


Playdead with Horse dance company

Horse/Shu-Yi & Dancers poster

Horse/Shu-Yi & Dancers poster

驫舞劇場《裝死》+ 周先生與舞者們《看得見的城市,看不見的人》
1+1 Dance
HORSE《Playdead》+ Shu-Yi & Dancers《Visible and Invisible》

(Chinese info below)

Since autumn of 2013 Shih-Yang Lee, Yu-Long Chen and myself are working with the experimental dancers of Horse. The performance will be showing in the National Theater in Taipei beginning of May, together with another show by Shu-Yi and Dancers. There was a press event last week, and I just heard the first performance is already sold out, and there are less than 90 tickets for the second one. So don’t wait to order your tickets if you want to see something special!

May 9, 19:30 and May 10, 14:30

National Theatre, Taipei.


Find all the information here.

See a preview here.

Horse on Facebook.

Buy your tickets here



驫舞劇場 陳武康


在《裝死》中,於紐約舞台設計師Mimi Lien所闢出的活且多變的空間裡,陳武康以其獨樹一幟的編舞風格,創作出調性詼諧的人生即景。現場,由音樂家李世揚帶領的樂團,引領出一幕幕繁複的視覺聲響畫面,舞蹈的脈動自節奏而生,止於儀式的終了,人生直如一副微縮後的冷暖光影。




音樂創作/現場樂手:李世揚、陳昱榮、Mark van Tongeren
舞台設計:Mimi Lien


Upcoming events

Weekly Voice Yoga Returns to Canjune Training Centre

March 15: Underground Trip (performance)

March 29: Lacking Sound Festival (performance)

Voice workshop for spring 2014: coming up soon


This week Voice Yoga returns to Canjune’s Training Centre. Everyone is welcome to try out Voice Yoga on Thursdays between 10 and twelve. No registration necessary, but please be on time. Next week (March 20) the class will shift to the afternoon, between 14 and 16. Read the details about Voice Yoga in this blogpost.


Saturday March 15 you are invited to the performance Underground Trip with Serge Onnen, Erika Sprey (visuals), Tung Chao-Ming and myself (sounds) at Taipei Artist Village. There are two shows, at 19:30 and 21:30, please find the details in my previous blogpost.

Screen shot 2014-03-11 at 10.46.11

Saturday March 29 I am invited to perform at the Lacking Sound Festival, which is one of the more interesting on-going sound events in Taipei. Serge Onnen will join me to provide visuals, and we will explore the theme of mirrors. More details in this post.

Soon I will announce some workshops for this spring season. Come check back here or subscribe to this blog. If you prefer to receive emails write to < info  at  fusica   dot   nl> and you will receive updates every once in a while.


Lacking Sound Festival: March 29

Screen shot 2014-03-11 at 10.46.11

I am excited about this invitation for the Lacking Sound Festival, a mostly-monthly event currently held in the Digital Arts Centre in Taipei, to be precise in the Noise Kitchen. This meeting point for sound-art-buffs is a wonderful space with various ingenious instruments that can be played – reminding me more of a Museum of Musical Machines in the Netherlands than a 21st century Digital Arts site. Anyway, I have invited Serge Onnen to join me in creating something analog that sounds and feels digital  (and quite different from the Cloacinae sound-shadow-video performance we do/did the 15th of March). Both of us favor the kind of old-fashioned manual-vocal-labour forms of artistic expression, but then, we do use computers, digital recorders and the occasional effects apparatus to manipulate our creations. So here is the press-blurb:


Mark van Tongeren (sound) and Serge Onnen (image) dissect our everyday perception, enlarging our ordinary vision and audition to include the unseen and unheard. Mirrors, opposites and negatives of our everyday sense world.
Mark van Tongeren is currently fascinated by the voice as an instrument producing numbers, namely, the strict numerical ratios of overtones. When this is made audible through the technique of overtone singing, the voice almost loses its human identity: its sounds seem like pure sine waves. Digits, that is, whole numbers or whole-number ratios could be considered the DNA of our voice. In this installment of his theme The Digital & The Vocal, Mark offers an electro-acoustic performance where the distinctions between the digital and the vocal are blurred. Environmental recordings, extended vocal techniques, Jew’s harps and a Kaosspad further link the physical, everyday world with the digital, and the archaic with the hypermodern.
Artist Serge Onnen, currently holding a solo exhibition at MOCA Taipei, simultaneously provides a live visual performance. He will mainly use mirrors: echo’s of images, stretching the reflection, face reality,  double the sight and confront the audience with their image.

vantongeren x onnen