About Fusica

This blog is maintained by performer/researcher  Mark van Tongeren,

born in the Netherlands and currently living in Taiwan.

Mark van Tongeren

In these blog-notes I post news pertaining to  artistic and academic research in

music, sound and performing arts.

You can find updates about events, developments and news related to

overtone singing, throat singing/khöömei and harmonics

and the wider approach to sound/awareness that I call


This blog grows out of my PhD work, entitled

Thresholds of Audibility. About the Polyphony of the Body.

at the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts, Leiden University

and docARTES (Ghent), the first institutes to offer a PhD in the practise-based-research in-the-arts in The Netherlands/Belgium.

I was trained as an ethnomusicologist (M.A., 1994) at the University of Amsterdam,

with main focuses on North Asia (Tuva/Altai, Mongolia, Tibet).

During the 1990s, I also started making experimental theatre based in Object-Theatre with a group called Silo Theatre ,

and to perform solo and in various musical projects.

My interest is the place where disciplines intersect, or start to lose their distinct identities,

with the highly-debatedintersections of art and science as a starting point.

Hence Fusica, which stands for musica (music) and fysica (physics).

Thanks for visiting

wish you happy reading and joyful listening

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Mark van Tongeren


2 thoughts on “About Fusica

    • Dear Mark,
      Glad to know that you have a blog on your work . I am happy to learn that you are going to defend your thesis next march 2013 in Leiden .
      All best wishes to you and your successful defence .
      Tran Quang Hai

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