Two Hong Kong workshops (May 1/2 & 3/4)


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Next month, from May 1 to May 4 2015, I’ll be in Hong Kong to teach two workshops of overtone singing and body-voice-mind practise. We will work with themes such as breathing, resonance, vowels, sound meditation, healing potential of the voice, and of course overtone singing techniques. These short but powerful workshops are a balanced combination of factual knowledge about vibration and sound as an energy tool and exercises and meditations to develop your senses and connect deeper with your entire being through sound.

There are two subsequent 2-day courses. Those who have done Beginner I in  2014 or who do it now, can do the Beginner II course.

BEGINNER I -Overtone Singing, To Find Your Inner Voice
On Day 1 we forget everyting we know about sound and voice and  make a fresh start. Surprisingly, by doing less than we normally do, we notice more – and begin to know more. We return to a primary knowledge at the centre of the body-mind. You explore the hidden dimensions of your  voice through new techniques of hearing, sounding and singing.

On Day 2  we continue to connect deeper and wider with the sounding  body within. We explore more techniques to sing overtones and can begin to hear them in our own mouths. By losing control of the voice, we find new paths of sound, which also means new paths of the self – a therapeutic experience. Experiencing yourself and others as musical human beings, you encounter new possibilities, new barriers, new connections. Like Day 1, we end with a Q& A and a guided group improvisation.

hong kong sound healing

BEGINNER II – Body, Mind and Beyond

As in Group I, we warm-up with Voice Yoga exercises. We summarise and refresh what we have learned before. We delve deeper into resonance and harmonics as tools for healing and therapy, both for yourself and others. We also explore other ways of sound/noise-making, navigating between comfort and discomfort. We return to what you want or need to express in a comfortable way, supported by each others’ voices.

On day 2  we talk about and practise sounds and music from spiritual traditions, focusing on older Christian forms and new 20th/21st century practices. We will do more structured choral/group singing, with and without overtones. We gain a deeper sense of the power of sound as a force transcending our limited individual sphere. We finish again with a guided improvisation where the unique qualities of each voice can emerge. Those who have a copy of my book may prepare themselves by re-reading the chapter Body, Mind and Beyond.

For more information and registration visit the blog of my Hong Kong hosts Jasmine and Hui or write me. 



Hong Kong Vertical Horizon by RJL

Hong Kong Vertical Horizon by RJL

Hong Kong image by Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze, who published the photobook Vertical Horizon.


One thought on “Two Hong Kong workshops (May 1/2 & 3/4)

  1. Martha Collard says:

    Hi Mark I have asked the girls to sign up for your workshops in Hong Kong. Is there a discount for all 4 days? I will need to be at my studio to host a gong bath on the Fri and Sat night so would need to leave at the latest 1700 unless you have the workshop here! Looking forward to meeting you. take care martha

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